Recording Session Slowed by Shock as Drummer Acts Completely Normal

SECAUCUS, NEW JERSEY – A long-planned recording session was disrupted today by the unexpected behavior of the band’s drummer, who showed up on time, prepared quickly and was eager to begin recording.  Members of Wind Cries Red, a prog-metal outfit hailing from Newark, reported shock and even irritation at the display of normalcy. 

“I was supposed to be setting up my rig”, said guitarist Chase Downs, “but I couldn’t keep my eyes of him.  I kept waiting for the meltdown, or – at a minimum – the obsessive compulsive fixation on some completely unimportant detail.. but it never came.  It kind of freaked me out, man!”  Added singer Mills Manson, “You don’t understand – the last time we recorded, he polished one splash cymbal – that he never uses! – for like, 45 minutes!  Then he refused to start playing because he said the A/C was blowing negative ions or something onto his snare drum.”  Interjected bass player Todd Lowe, “Yeah!  And then remember after we finally started rolling and he answered his phone right in the middle of the intro?!  I think it was his mom.  You can actually hear it on our last demo.  We didn’t have enough money to re-record the track, so we left it in and told people it was part of the sound.”

Even audio engineer, who had not worked with the band before, was stunned.  “I don’t know these guys, but I know drummers.  I normally don’t do any prep because I know I’ll have three or four hours at the top of the session to get things together while the drummer settles in enough to actually get anything done.  But this guy was all business.  I was scrambling!”

Not all were pleased with the change.  Said Lowe, “It kind of threw everyone off and slowed everything down, to be honest.  We were like deer in oncoming traffic, kind of stunned into inaction.  Now we’ll probably have to schedule another session, and we don’t have enough in the band fund for it.”