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The first release from Hollow Arch is here.  BFF Chad Marshall lends the blazing solo that really set the course for the production on the tune.

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The 22 Remix + Remaster Project is my effort to see how much I can improve upon work I did over a decade ago with new tools and knowledge, and learn about myself in the process. How successful was I?

The process for each of these songs involved reamping the guitars from direct guitar tracks and then doing a full remix using primarily Console 1 (including UAD plugins).  Delays, reverbs and some other bus processing was done outside of Console 1. 

Oh and there was some outboard processing in the form of the Neve Master Bus Processor – for light compression, width and harmonics.  Then the remixes were remastered.

At first listen some of the changes seem subtle, but on a good set of headphones or monitors things become clearer.

BEFORE – Original mixes and masters:

Here’s the song and remix that got me fired up to go to town on the tunes above.  It’s by an incredible and prolific artist named Omar Musisko, from an album I worked on for him that was never released.