Huge Celebrity in Recording World Still 100% Unrecognized by Regular People

LOS ANGELES – Five-time Grammy winning mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge confirmed today that he is still 100% unrecognizable to “regular people” who are not involved in the music world.  “Yeah, well I went into Starbucks on Hollywood & Vine to grab a Biscotti Frappuccino – it’s on the secret menu that most people don’t know about, you know what I mean – and the place was packed.  But yeah, nobody even noticed me.  Mike Dirnt from Green Day was in line and he didn’t even recognize me, and we’ve worked together, like, multiple times!”  The incident highlights an ongoing injustice in American society where greatly accomplished figures who work “behind the scenes” in the music world are only recognized by music production-nerd-fanboys or their peers in the studio recording world.  “It could be because I wasn’t wearing my hat.”, Lord-Alge said.  “I’m always wearing my hat, it’s like my signature you know?  But today I just, I dunno, it was a beautiful day out, sunny, warm.. So I figure, what the hell?  No hat.”
For a brief moment the hopes of this audio luminary were raised, when a patron at the front of the line turned to the rear where Lord-Alge waited patiently and called back, “Chris!”.  But the summons turned out to be directed at actor Chris Elliott, who happened to walk in the door behind the arguably much more accomplished and talented mix engineer.
Perhaps someday these gods of sound will get the recognition they’re due from the average person, whose life has likely been unknowingly enriched by the fruits of their hard work and expertise many, many times.  Sadly, that day is not, it would seem, today.