Promising Young Pop Star Hits Big Time by Having Famous Producer as Father

LOS ANGELES, CA – The term “overnight sensation” is frequently attached to performers who have recently achieved great success and notoriety, but often it is incorrectly applied.  Most pop stars who break through to the greater public consciousness toil for years in obscurity before finally becoming known to the masses.   In the case of this year’s chart-topping sensation Carlie Chalet, however, the designation fits like the skin-tight mini dresses she favors for red carpet appearances.  

“Oh yeah”, said Chalet with a giggle, “it’s pretty perfect!  I mean, it wasn’t overnight as in, like, one night.. but it was pretty close!  I’d never really sung anything until this year.  And it’s kind of hilarious how it happened!  Cuz like, my friend Shea, she was always going on and on about her music career and how she was gonna be a big star and blah blah blah, I don’t know.. It was super annoying.  So I asked my dad if he could help her out, just so she’d stop talking about it, ya know?”, she explained.  “I guess he works in music or something.”, she added, displaying a gift for understatement.

Chalet’s father is world-renowned music producer Tom Chalet, who is responsible for over 33 multi-platinum albums spanning three decades.  “But my dad got confused and thought I was asking him to help me with my music!  Pretty much as soon as I mentioned it he was on the phone to a few of his friends.  It was super annoying.  He never listens, you know?  So I just went along with it.” noted the 19-year-old star with a disgusted sigh.  The elder Chalet’s inner circle turned out to include some of the world’s top pop songwriters and producers.  “We were in the studio the next day and the album was released the month after that.  And here we are!  It’s crazy, right?!  I don’t know how long I’m gonna do this for, though.  I have some big plans of my own!”