“You gotta just jump in and follow your dreams”, Says Rapper Living On Friend’s Couch

OGALALLA, NEBRASKA – “With both feet!  You can’t have a backup plan if you really wanna follow your dreams, you feel me?  You gotta just go for it if you really want to live  your dream!”

This exuberant advice bursts forth from the mouth of aspiring rapper/beat maker Kevin Meely (aka Big Lassie) as he sits, bolt upright and energetic, on the lime green 80’s era foldout couch that doubles as his bed.

“I’ve  never felt more free and alive than right now, right in this moment!  Ever since I stopped worrying about all that downer stuff that just distracts from making things happen in your life!  Like jobs, and work and all that.. You gotta let it all go if you really wanna make your dream a reality!”, he says, inhaling deeply from his vape pen and adding with a chuckle, “Commit fully bruh or just give up and go work in some gray cube somewhere like a loser!”

“KEEVVVIIINNNN!!”, comes a grinding shout from the top of the basement stairs.  “Will you PLEASE stop leaving your old Spaghetti O’s bowls in the SINK?! I said you could stay with us for a while provided you clean up after yourself!

Meely frowns clownishly, thumb-pointing to the top of the stairs. “Speaking of downers, bro.. My friend Gina. Yo I mean it’s cool that she’s letting me stay here for a short time while I build my music marketing machine, but she can be such a total drain on my creativity sometimes bro! Like, she’s always stomping around up there.. I can hardly get into my creative space sometimes! But if I know one thing, it’s that you gotta make sacrifices to make it to the top AND BIG LASSIE’S GONNA BE SO BIG IT’S SOOOOO DOPE!”

“I can hear you!” – another yell from Gina rains down. “And it’s been 18 months you freaking moocher!!”